Claudia Salguero

Claudia Salguero

Canada – Colombia

After years of working as a graphic designer, professional photographer, multi-image producer, and professional digital artist, Claudia found her passion in the transformative power of community murals. As a professional community muralist, Claudia has captured the voices of thousands of immigrants, refugees, and at-risk communities of all ages and genders in more than 70 murals in the City of Ottawa, Canada, where she has resided since 2001.

His mission as a muralist focuses on individual and collective empowerment, the sense of belonging and the invitation to dialogue and coexistence through community intervention.

Claudia is a graphic designer from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and self-taught multidisciplinary artist with individual and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad, Corel Painter Master artist, Hewlett Packard artist, MASC artist. Member of the board of directors of Arts Network Ottawa since 2019.

Creator of the two tallest murals in the City of Ottawa, “The Wisdom Mural” and “The WOW Mural”, and the “Canadian pride, Harmony in Cultures” mural as part of Canada's official 150th anniversary celebration, Claudia was awarded by the Arts Council as the artist of the year in Ottawa in 2021.