liquid city

liquid city

Roberto Cuervo, César Hernández & Juan Gabriel Osuna / Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


Live multifocal audiovisual presentation of urban-soundscapes where the role of water as the articulating axis of the relationship between the urban peripheries and the center is highlighted. The sound discourse raises the blurry limits between the rural and the urban on the horizontal plane, and the rain as a disruptive element on the vertical plane, which radically transforms the urban-soundscape by falling on the skin of asphalt, concrete and metal of the city.

The work is composed of three sound languages proposed by each one of the artists, which propose a sound dialogue that narrates the various micro-sound-urban-soundscapes, through a rigorous sonographic record, which is reproduced and mixed in alive; the generation of abstract-soundscapes in analog synthesizers and digital signal processing in software and hardware; and the construction of liquid sound textures with musical instruments such as guitar and bass; the above is complemented by the projection of vector visuals that react with the audio in real time, generated with Pure Data, Max-vizzie, processing and infrared sensors from Kinect.

The result is a significant sound and visual experience that raises a critical reflection on the tensions in urban-soundscapes.