“Ciudad Crucero: En la búsqueda de nuevas formas de vivir la ciudad”

“Ciudad Crucero: En la búsqueda de nuevas formas de vivir la ciudad”

Joaquín Rodríguez Vivas (Colombia) Mesa A – Persistencias


This research focuses on a search of the urban imaginaries that make up the Historic Center of the city of Pasto in Colombia, being this an area of common interest for its important growth in cultural and traditional issues.

Taking this into account, we start from the premise that modern cities, in spite of the multiple advances in technology and communication, are disconnected from their inhabitants, are little appreciated and the urban characteristics that configure them go unnoticed.

Current consumption systems worldwide cause levels of individualization that result in the total anonymity of city dwellers.

Identifying the phenomena that occur in these environments, with the relationship between inhabitant-city, leads us to turn to urban imaginaries as an opportunity to make these contexts visible and give them a voice through various experiences that allow us to expand these scenarios where digital tools, physical environments and transmedia works are integrated, generating an interaction that enables a more intimate relationship between the city and its inhabitants, through urban imaginaries that arise daily, that are born and are governed by constructs imposed by state guidelines, beliefs, culture, tradition, etc., and that affect the relationship that the individual has with his environment and the dialectic that arises from here, giving rise to a series of everyday events that can be very simple and monotonous at first glance but that can become poetic and also have the possibility of resignifying and giving new values to various urban sectors.