“Cartografía de la interculturalidad y la Memoria”

“Cartografía de la interculturalidad y la Memoria”

Carolina Salguero Mejía / Adriana Gómez Alzate (Colombia)

The exhibition "Cartografía de la interculturalidad y la memoria" is part of the classroom research project " Mapa de la Memoria", of the Interculturality Chair of the Universidad de Caldas, which is conceived as a projection program and a formal course of open and participatory character based on co-creation processes from interculturality, accompanied by a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are part of the Semillero de Investigación en Interculturalidad (Interculturality Research Seminar).

The need to evidence and bring together students from different origins and disciplines, to promote spaces and scenarios for dialogue and listening to social and political situations, leads us to propose within the Chair of Interculturality an exercise of co-creation in a constructive and didactic way that makes it possible to observe the problems of the country from the testimonies of its students who live in different territories.

The exhibition proposes, through Participatory-Action-Research, to record personal, collective and national memories in different parts of Colombia, through testimonies of injustice, violations and violations, as well as the forms and ways of resistance of the different social actors, which are important to rescue and recognize.

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