Kaleidoscope is a hypertext production that promotes reflection and interpretation of the production and use of photographs in Colombia in times of armed conflict. The project relates photographs produced by various agents and that have circulated in different spaces and times. Kaleidoscope investigates the ways in which the production of photographs has been used during the conflict, in its representation and in the development of the war.

Kaleidoscope is built as a series of constellations made up of photographs, videos made with photographs, and text fragments. The project was developed with a photographic archive made up of materials from three sources: Google images, photographs reproduced from the Colombian press, and photographs produced by victims or associated with them and that come from places dedicated to the preservation of the memory of the armed conflict. In the archive there are photographs dated from El Bogotazo to the signing of the peace agreement in 2016.

On the platform, users can navigate in a non-linear way and find the photographs disconnected from the references and texts that determined their first significance. Kaleidoscope offers its users the possibility of building new relationships between photographs and words to discover other meanings of the image in war.

Author: Manuel Silva and Kevin Garcia