Silvia De Gennaro (Italy)

"Cairo" is part of an ongoing project on city trips, entitled "Travel Notebooks".

So far it consists of a series of animated videos and impressions of thirteen cities: Perugia, Amsterdam, Beijing, Taranto, Prague, Prague, Barcelona, Venice, Kardzhali, Bilbao, Marseille, Dubai, Rome and Cairo. Different aspects of the cities are shown, in a continuous flow that also represents the emotional and cognitive experiences of the traveler.

A digital collage is made with details of the photos collected during the trip. So the city itself is not represented, but the image of the city that the traveler remembers. These details are like notes written in a notebook that remain in the memory of the traveler. The animation tries to gather not only the impressions and suggestions experienced, but also the different points of view of the traveler.

The traveler concentrates first on one detail and then on another, as if it were a kind of selective approach that occurs at the same moments, where the prospective is not given by scientific parameters but by the emotions experienced while observing and discovering the cities.