generative volume altered by the artist's breathing, 6'

Edition 2/3+2 AP

Salomé Chatriot


It is a series of video works generated from the artist's breathing during interactive performances involving breathing.

Since 2019, Salomé Chatriot deploys her breathing through Fragile Ecosystem, a series of procedural performances housed in different contexts with which she interacts through a medical machine that captures her breath in real time: a spirometer.

In 2020, during the first lockdown, Chatriot lies on a gigantic dead tree with which she shares her breath, allowing them to coexist, and records the biometric data thus created.

Thus was born the first iteration of Breathing Patterns, a memory of this breathing in the form of a video diptych. Since then, each breath taken during Fragile Ecosystem has been summarized in moving images.