Luca Forcucci / Switzerland
with support from The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

The project is a site-specific electroacoustic composition. The performance space and its architectural resonating and spatial characteristics are included. The main idea focuses on the body of a dancer as the main sonic source. The sound recordings of two performances in San Francisco and Switzerland were then composed at NOTAM in Oslo Norway, leading to a piece intended to be played in the dark and thus magnifying the sonic memories of the audience.

The project includes fifteen days' field recordings at the border of Botswana, Limpopo Region, South Africa with a biologist and composer (Francisco Lopez). I conducted the research further as an expedition in other regions of South Africa on the basis of a text of the Swiss writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt (The Viral Epidemic).

The novel was originally published in the column of a Swiss newspaper, which describes a virus transforming the body of white people into black ones. A text about privileges and how those are kept in a specific context. I explored the country with the text in mind and observed the division after the end of apartheid. The composition includes layers of cut-up text, pictures, video and sound composed into an electroacoustic piece, like a road movie.