Black Magic

Black Magic 

Neko3 & Only Slime

Denmark - Norway

In a simulated post-apocalyptic forest, strange and mysterious sightings occur, as undead relics from a lost time are brought back to life in an ambient black metal simulacrum.

Powered by midi-drums, voice-reactive Unreal Engine avatars and a strobe-light inferno, ensembles Neko3 (DK) and ONLY SLIME (NO/AUS) share the stage to animate the contaminated black metal forest scenes of BLACK MAGIC - a world where science and magic collide, fantasy and digital mythology bleed into a common ecosystem of physical motion, rhythm and vibration.

Through speculative narratives of a post-human future, where organic and tech-hybrid entities arise and intertwine in a post-digital, dance-like ritual, BLACK MAGIC explores themes of failing ecosystems, artificial life and intelligence, hybrid identities, gender fluidity, emergence and emotional urgency, in a poiesis of raw music performance interfacing with an artificial digital nature simulation environment.

Composition/Concept/written by: ONLY SLIME (Claudia Cox (AU/NO) & Tobi Pfeil (NO))
|Unreal Engine, lights and audio programming: Tobi Pfeil (NO)
Performed by ONLY SLIME & NEKO3
Fei Nie (DK) - Soma Pipe, Synthesizer
Lorenzo Colombo (ITA) - midi-drums, vocals
Kalle Hakosalo (FIN) - percussion
Claudia Cox (AU/NO) - violin, vocals
Tobi Pfeil (NO) - electric guitar, vocals

ONLY SLIME is based in Oslo, Norway.
Neko3 is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.