“Bar Huerequeque”

“Bar Huerequeque”

Felipe Arturo Perez (Colombia)

Link: http://huerequeque.net/bar-huerequeque/

The Bar Huerequeque audiovisual archive is part of the documentary and artistic research on the narrative work of Enrique Bohórquez, Huerequequeque, an inhabitant of Iquitos, who participated as an actor in Werner Herzog's film Fitzcarraldo.

The archive allows public access to audiovisual documents of stories and poems of Huerequeque in his oral form, from records made in Iquitos between 2008 and 2013. This archive also includes some interviews with people close to Huerequequeque that give an account of his life and work.

Also included are some short experimental documentaries, which served as the basis for the videos of the audiovisual installation Bar Huerequeque, by the artist Felipe Arturo.