robot dance

robot dance

The Dancing Robots work is an interactive installation of 3 (three) mini robots that move in a swarm or individually in a dance show.

Each mini robot presents light aspects and sound manifestations created from the robots' own movement. These have several ways of moving: in a straight line, orthogonal, diagonal, circular, rotating, spiraling, back and forth, etc.

Each mini robot has its own sound system (loudspeaker) and light system with LEDs that interact with each other.

The set of mini robots articulates the soundtrack of the project where the sounds emitted by each individual mini robot are articulated to the sound mass coming from this same set of mini robots. The LED lighting of the mini robots can flash, maintain sequential movements between the LEDs, etc., and also maintain interaction with the soundtrack and between the mini robots with each other.

We have a mini show provisionally named: Disagreements and meeting.

The mini robots move based on the commands of the interactors through access to a website, which in turn is accessed from the project's cell phone. Each interactor individually controls the mini robots in their swarm dance.

Concrete inspiration and mobile composition

The compositional proposal of the soundtrack of the work is structured from the mobility carried out by the actions of the robots, in which we have two planes: the first, anchored in the processes of concrete music through the manipulation of sound materials arising from the sounds of the movement of the mini robots (tire friction, sudden stops, etc.) and filtering processes where we add or remove sounds; the second, an application focused on the effects of sound design as an immersion of the public in relation to the work.

In this sense, the sound objects are constituted according to these two substructures that follow creative design approaches, through the parity between the organization of sound materials, from the smallest structure of sounds (groups of frequencies that, together, form a small part) to the macrostructure of joint sound groupings. The assembly of these groups generates the musical form of the composition that is recomposed at each moment.

The robots will swarm in an area about 5m x 5m (the area can be slightly reduced if necessary), delimited by a strip of adhesive tape.