"Az Reality Lab"

"Az Reality Lab"

Iker Vazquez Arteche (Spain)

The installation is the result of the work developed in an Artistic Laboratory of Reality, an ephemeral space for experimentation and creation of Augmented Reality (AR). In the laboratory, possible AR work processes were investigated, mainly oriented to 3D digitalization and its expressive potentialities, creating new layers of reality.

This research process was formalized in a work based on the analysis of the representation of women to address the issue from a feminist perspective. The objective was to give a twist to the concept of muse from the aesthetic activism, articulating from a group of contemporary female creators new references as opposed to the idea of inspiring divinity, moving away from that symbolic place and generating thought in community, through dialogue and providing solutions, "materialized" in digital files.

The idea was to take a step further in the distance that must exist between the image of femininity and a stereotyped and unreal image, producing collectively making the invisible visible, fighting for equality from the creation of self-representation.

link: https://www.azkunazentroa.eus/es/actividad/iker-vazquez-az-reality-lab/