Wednesday, May 26th 15:00 pm - 16:00 pm


 Atractor is an interdisciplinary studio formed in 2017 by Juan José López, Alejandro Villegas, Blondinsky Kuznestov and Juan Cortés, during their trajectory they have focused on the visualization of natural phenomena, mathematical and scientific paradigms related to socio-cultural phenomena not only of the hegemonic Western culture, but also of other ways of knowing and understanding the scientific, through the interaction of the viewer with a digital and analog substrate.

In this talk Atractor Estudio will share the latest projects they have done using data visualization tools and artificial intelligence. From botanical information visualization themes, to social impact projects working with women ex-combatants of the FARC to curatorial projects commissioned by the United Nations. This project, Subversive Poetics/ Radical Women in New Media, was created in Mozilla Hubs highlighting the work of 8 women artists who have stood out in the last two decades focusing on the digital revolution and the new global dynamics that characterize the last twenty years of the 21st century.

The collective understands technology as a field of struggle from our Latin American context. In this scenario, assimilating and experiencing technology always as active users implies that electronic arts and creation have the power to detonate conversations and create spaces for community dialogue. Atractor is part of the Hyphen Hub network with whom they have developed several projects throughout North, South America and Europe, including their project with CERN with whom Hyphen Hub was the manager and co-producer of the work.   

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