Culinary Astronomy

Presented by: Andrés G. Rozo Samer

The project starts in 2020 during the health crisis caused by COVID-19. It proposes a reflection on the unique imprint and energy that each family embeds in their everyday objects, an exploration that seeks to move away from the conventions of traditional documentary photography, to approach abstraction. The input for the series is made up of some appliances available in most kitchens; like rice cookers, frying pans and pot holders. The exhibition covers various Colombian families whose objects have been preserved for a long time, even repairing them when they fail, in order to restore and prolong their useful life. The marks and stains from this prolonged use, which can exceed 10 years, condense on a surface the experiences and customs of a familiar world which constitutes the aura of the work. Therefore, this trace is what I seek to represent and interpret; allowing the viewer to look deeply from a microscopic to a macroscopic level, discovering unexplored planets.