“Arquitecturas y Ciudades digitales”

“Arquitecturas y Ciudades digitales”

Pablo Andrés Gómez Granda (Colombia)

Arquitecturas y Ciudades digitales. Teoría e Historia de la arquitectura en la época de la transformación digital is a Multimedia in digital environment resulting from the application of technological resources to analyze case studies of the theory and history of architecture in response to the need to adapt their learning during the transition from face-to-face to virtuality in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic at the Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

Its structure presents four digital strategies developed before (2018-2019), during (2020-2021) and after pandemic (2022): a) redrawing of scaled planimetries; b) elaboration of analog and digital 3D models; c) construction of ideograms and analytical sheets; d) edition of videos on construction processes and/or virtual tours.

Among its characteristics are the interaction and cooperation between students and professors; its status as an open information processing system adaptable to open license digital environments; its progressive nature, updated each semester according to data processing needs, information generation, storage and visualization of results; the pluralistic accessibility made possible by digital technology; the visibility and visualization of new technologies and the digital awareness induced in multimedia users.

Link: http://www.arqciudigit.byethost9.com/?i=2