Andrés Gaona


Andrés Gaona is a Colombian composer, guitarist, pedagogue, and researcher based in Bogotá. His creative work includes a wide variety of works in acoustic music for chamber ensembles, solo music, mixed music, and electroacoustic music. His works have as main creative interest the exploration of the aesthetic and expressive potential of parameters such as space, time, timbre, and texture. He studied classical guitar at the Undergraduate Degree in Music at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Bogotá between 2009-2010.  Subsequently, he completed his undergraduate studies in Composition at the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in Bogotá with teachers Rodolfo Acosta, Gustavo Lara, Luis Fernando Sánchez and Daniel Leguizamón. Part of these professional studies were taken at the University of Chile, as a result of an academic exchange in Chile between 2018-2019, with teachers Pablo Aranda, Jorge Martínez, Rodrigo Torres, Juan Pablo Donoso, Laura Lattanzi, and Federico Galende.  

His musical works have been presented in different festivals and academic and cultural events in Colombia, as well as in countries such as Russia, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Portugal, the USA, and soon in Brazil within the framework of the International Symposium of Musica Nova (SiMN 2021). He has participated in composition workshops with Víctor Agudelo (Colombia), Marcos Franciosi (Argentina), and Sergei Sergeevich Popov (Russia). Currently, part of his works are published by the Music Library of the University of California (UCLA).  

His research work in music has been presented and published in events such as the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference 2019 (Mexico, 2019); the "Encuentro Sobre Interdisciplinariedad en Música" of the Facultad de Artes ASAB, Universidad Distrital (Bogotá, 2019); the "Festival Atemporánea" of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2019); and the Festival Expresiones Contemporáneas (Mexico, 2020). His most recent commission was commissioned by the American clarinet ensemble Splinter Tongue, for whom he wrote his latest composition "Two spaces for the wind" for clarinet quartet and electronics, a work that will be premiered in 2021, in the State of North Carolina, USA.


Soundbridges: “Medio Sol Amarillo”