Andrés G. Rozo Samer

Andrés G. Rozo Samer


Photographer and university professor, Andrés Rozo was born in Cali, Colombia in 1977. He also has Italian nationality by maternal inheritance. He currently works and resides in Colombia.

Andrés studied graphic design and specialized in multimedia creation and media arts; later, he pursued a master's degree with an investigative nature to reflect on the role of photography in design, proposing the concept of electromagnetic graphics and photographic design. He has worked as a full-time professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente in the city of Cali for more than a decade, facilitating learning experiences with students of all ages and levels of education. He has published two books of creation that have become an anthology and photographic and literary memory of the most representative writers of southwestern Colombia, books that were worthy of the Stimulus Award of the Governor's Office of Valle del Cauca in 2018 for publication. And a research book chapter in international publication. She has obtained some recognitions at national and international level. In 2019 he represented Colombia in the World Exhibition in commemoration of the day of Photography, sponsored by FIAP and held in Calcutta, India. In 2021 he represents Colombia in the biennial of color in France organized by the same federation. 

In his quest for photographic and artistic excellence, he has conducted portfolio reviews in England and has obtained three international accreditations. The first by the FEP (Federation of European Photographers) as a professional European photographer in the portrait category, the second with the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) in professional commercial photography and the third as a Fine Art specialist obtained also with the BIPP. Since 2019, the British Master François Dolmetsch has become his mentor, focusing on the black and white technique.