“Andalién 19/31”

“Andalién 19/31”

Cristóbal Enrique Parra Muñoz  (Chile)

Andalién 19/31 is a creative research project around the productive flows and industrial technologies of territories marked by the mechanisms of production.

Using photography, videomapping, programmed laser and soundscape, an action is configured that investigates two political and geographical currents: on the one hand the flows of accelerated and industrial production, and on the other hand the water flows of rivers and basins of these territories.

The project is developed by the Laboratorio Crítico de la Imagen y Toda la Teoría del Universo, and is presented with the idea of connecting the territory of the Bío Bío region in Chile with others in Latin America in their historical and territorial similarities. Through a UDP communication system developed for the project, a flow of data is generated that travels from Bío Bío to be interpreted in sound and visuals at a distance through generative sounds and images.