Alfredo Montano Bello

Alfredo Montano Bello


Architect, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Master in Construction Technologies, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Master in Aesthetics and Art History, Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Studies in Integrated Project Delivery & Building Information Modeling BIM, Universidad de los Andes. Experience in the development of projects with technological approach involving VDC methodologies. Currently he is a full time professor and associate researcher of the Academic Area of Architecture and Habitat of the University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano. In recent years he has focused on research on the relationship between architecture, heritage and technology. He has also led a research on the implementation of BIM methodology in university teaching of architecture and city projects. Winner of the BIM Colombia 2020 Excellence Award, Academic Segment, Research Category (CAMACOL, BIM FORUM COLOMBIA, MINVIVIENDA). Member of the BIM Academic Forum Colombia. He is co-author of several researches and publications on art, architecture and technology, among which stands out: 


Architecture, housing and heritage (2010), The architecture of the theater (2011), Restoration of the Faenza Theater (2011), Technique and aesthetics in the modern limit: enclosures in modern architecture in Bogotá (2012), Geometry and perspective composition in the work of Gregorio Vásquez de Arce y Ceballos (2015), Movie theaters in Bogotá (1897-1940): Architecture as a symbol of modernization of urban space (2016), Constructive logics employed in the architectural envelopes of high-rise buildings in downtown Bogotá (1950 -1970) (2018), The figure of architect Mariano Santamaría and the early years of the National School of Fine Arts of Colombia (2019), The spaces for cinema exhibition in Bogotá: an urban analysis (2018), The Cinematographs. Architecture in Colombia. Credential history (2019), Building Information Modeling [BIM] and learning in architectural design (2020).


Exhibit with which he participates.

CINEMAS / CAPITALS. The architecture for cinematographic exhibition. The case of Bogota.