Alexandra Radulescu

Alexandra Radulescu


Artist and media designer focused on interactive and immersive experiences. She works at the intersection of media art, technology and design, driven by the desire to consolidate and expand our relationship with technology through tangible and gestural interfaces.

She strives to create experiences that are focused, clear and uncluttered, but also playful, evocative and expressive of identity. She appeals to her audience's imagination, emotions and creativity, addressing their attention but also the pleasure of moving their bodies.

She holds a master's degree in industrial design from ENSCI - Les Ateliers, Paris (2016).Her graduation project, FLUX - an electronic musical instrument with expressive gestural control - was awarded a Red Dot Award 2017.

Guest lecturer at ENSCI - Les Ateliers in 2019, teaching a virtual reality studio. Freelance VR experience designer for companies, design studios and artist studios.

As a visual artist, she creates 3D works in real time and is part of several duos for live audiovisual shows: with Roland Cahen for his pieces "Nanoballad" and "Kinetic Design", with Peine Rose for his live set "Alterity" and with Annabelle Playe for their joint project, "KRASIS". She has also created live visual sets for two plays: "Naïves hirondelles" (Compagnie Tangente) and "Nuage et pantalon" (Gare au Théâtre).


Soundscapes: “Krasis”