In the Ear of a Savage Detective

In the Ear of a Savage Detective

Net Art
Silvia Jaimes Niño – Sergio Eduardo Caballero / Colombia

With a minimum of 3 points that meet, a plane is generated, and only with 2 points a line appears, that is, a path.

The registration of a series of routes generates a cartography, a space where it is intended to organize a series of spatio-temporal coordinates. How arbitrary are the parameters with which the fragments of a story are located (ordered) so that it has some kind of logical sense? How random are the clues behind the stories?
Based on the fragmentary proposal of the book: Los Detectives Salvajes, by Roberto Bolaño, his stories, headed by very specific space-time coordinates (in the manner of testimonies taken by a detective), are reread and reinterpreted to generate a new cartography. of voices that disrupts these stories to a different space-time, doubling the number of data associated with each story, making evident the implicit chaos in an endless journey.

This project focuses on the graphic possibilities (drawings) that both cartographies generate when they meet; the cartography written by Roberto Bolaño, and the sound cartography collected in the last two years between Mexico City and Bogotá, which due to its rhizomatic and extended nature, remains under construction.»