Jean Michel Rolland (France)

"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed" Francis Bacon.

Around a low tree with twisted branches, a man seeks rest. He doubles up. One lifts his paw, clings to a branch, the other sits in an awkward curve, like a monkey trying to make his nest. Now there are three, then four to explore the possibilities of action offered by the plant. This tree was waiting for him.

The character stretches, hangs, lengthens. He becomes one with the tree and settles in it, promising to visit it without harming it. Of course, the tree is instrumentalized by becoming a chair or a bed, but no one cuts its branches or assembles them to make them useful.

The tree remains a tree, it becomes a temporary shelter, the act is reversible and, once the visitor has left, it will resume the course of its peaceful life, a living being among the living.