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afectar : conversar : ensamblar : latir : mundanear : narrar : vibrar

afectar : conversar : ensamblar : latir : mundanear : narrar : vibrar

Colombia / 4'33''. / Digital animation of superimposed images / 2021
No dialogue

DIRECTION: Marta Jimena Ardila Cabrera / SOUND: Ana María Romano Gómez / MUSIC: Ana María Romano Gómez / ANIMATION: Marta Jimena Ardila Cabrera

This hypnotic succession of overlapping images opens to think relations between these (and other) pandemic times and worlds-more-than-human. Above all, to affect ... is an invitation to worldliness, that is, to feel the intensities of life present in things and spaces.  A sensory proposal that values the present moment, where everything coexists in itself. Here, the images and textures propose a dialogue on the way of inhabiting, coexisting and resisting.