Creation and Organization of Events 1.3

Ricardo Hernandez Forero / Colombia

"Creation and organization of events" consists of a video sequence that presents an absurd assumption between an animation sequence (which intermingles everyday situations of the lives of ordinary people, with images of advertisements made in the city they inhabit) and a narration that does not correspond, the audio (partly supported by specific sounds resulting from the recordings) is accompanied by a supposed narration in
off, the result of fragments taken from news broadcast on Mexican television, which, when distorted, pretend to be narrating the story that is told through subtitles.
The video raises the superimposition of different information channels such as audio,
image, the frills that appear throughout the sequence, as well as the life of the character. This overlapping of information channels is proposed with the intention of offering different alternatives in the reading of the life developed by a character affected by the advertising and information to which he is subjected daily, leading him to an absurd development of his daily life.