Asher Remy-Toledo

Asher Remy-Toledo

Asher Remy-Toledo is a Colombian-American producer of artistic events and live multi-sensory experiences. Based in New York, he is the co-founder and director of the Hyphen Hub, a nonprofit organization that discovers, promotes, and presents new work by artists and innovators working at the forefront of immersive and creative technologies. Hyphen Hub seeks to create a bridge between innovation and artistic fields with its global network of artists, curators, engineers, designers, performers, choreographers, composers, and emerging technologies.

He is a member of New Inc (a creative industries incubator created by the New Museum in New York). His organization is associated with the prestigious Bell Labs to develop collaborative projects between its engineers and artists focused on issues of bionics that use prosthetics.

Asher is also a co-founder of No Longer Empty, a New York-based nonprofit that takes over empty spaces in the city and creates site-specific art. Partnering with FACT (Foundation for Art and Technology), Asher took over a series of empty warehouses and other spaces in central Liverpool and developed a sound installation section and record store (Never Records) for the Liverpool Biennale 2010 under the name of No Longer Empty on the Road. Asher is an innovation consultant for Broadway Asia, a New York-based theater production and entertainment company serving a large segment of the Asian market. In 2007 he created and directed the first art gallery focused on new media art and creative industries in mainland China (Beijing-district 798).



Asher Remy-Toledo is a Colombian-American cultural producer, instigator of new ideas and models of collaboration that are redefining the boundaries of artistic fields. He is currently the director and co-founder of the Hyphen Hub, a New York-based organization working at the intersection of art and emerging technology. Hyphen Hub produces live performances, large and small scale installations, exhibitions and immersive experiences. It also organizes art salons to debate and present new work and where leading thinkers and professionals in the world of science, art, design and technology meet. Hyphen Hub has built a global community of artists ranging from cyborgs, Fashion Tech designers, bionic men and women, and artists employing robotics, VR, AR, and XR (Experiential Reality).

In this talk, Asher will discuss the current landscape of new media and how the present and immediate future will demand more interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches. Asher will also give examples of an incubator program that the Hyphen Hub participates in, dedicated to supporting innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship through art, design and technology. Programs like this are creative ecosystems that foster cultural value, not just capital value, bringing together professionals who push boundaries and invent new forms and seek new models in fields as varied as music, interactive art, fashion, gaming, performing arts, design.

Hyphen Hub collaborates with leading museums, arts organizations, technology companies, universities, city governments, and international government institutions.