10 Dimensions

Presented by: Laura Salles

The Project 10 Dimensions 2021 - linked to the Department of Art / CCHLA / UFRN , Natal, RN, Brazil, presents the interactive virtual version for networks and also a documentary video of seven (7) works of the group's production made in the last 11 years in the context of the international circulation of the Itinerant remote exhibition 10 Dimensions -11 years 2021 (exhibition 2020: 10 Dimensions - 10 years in a new updated version - https://10dimensoes.com/10anos/). We present the following works: Robot Orchestra; Magic Flute; Mini electronic wall; Howling Winds; The Waters, the Sea and the Ocean, from the eleven-year cycle of the project's activities. Access to the video documentary includes mini videos of presentations of the works in the on-site version; the remote interactive version recreates the works on the net and for the net, with preferential access by computer, providing the experience and experimentation of the works in the form of NET ART, making it possible to access the works themselves as virtual works, offering the public the opportunity to see the works as virtual works. 20º International Image Festival the opportunity to meet and interact with our work as a whole.