June 18, 2020

Unite through a new reading experience: presentation of the book Bring Rin Rin to life at the International Image Festival

Bringing families together again through the act of reading is one of the purposes of the book Give life to Rin Rin, produced by Newrona, a Colombian company specialized in the field of interactive communication. Give life to Rin Rin, which will be presented at the Design, Electronic Art and Technology Market of the International Image Festival, is a reading experience achieved from analog instruments and supported by digital tools and augmented reality mechanisms. This allows, according to Fabiana Gordillo from Newrona, "to create and combine real spaces with virtual spaces, as learning tools, since the future of education and the publishing world move towards the support and mediation of technologies." Precisely, to contribute to the harmonization of different worlds, Newrona chose a work by the poet Rafael Pombo, since it allows different generations to be connected […]
June 18, 2020


During the three days that the International Image Festival completes, the voices and images of artists and researchers from all over the world have resounded in the digital spaces, specially designed to house this event in its 19th version. Reflections on participatory design of the Doctor in Anthropology Arturo Escobar, the calls to preserve the historical memory of the Guatemalan intellectual Gladys Tzul Tzul, the exhibition of 12 films in the framework of the Cinema (and) Digital category in alliance with the Retina Latina platform, the analysis of the the work of Walter Benjamin by Bruno Tackels and the Sound Bridges and Landscapes by Dylan Cote, Pierre Lafanachère, Stephanie Castonguay, Ricardo Dal Farra and Yovanny Betancur, among dozens of other activities, have nourished this edition, which is being held virtually for the first time . And that aspect, the migration to digital, has generated record attendance, which […]
June 16, 2020


With the Earthsatz Soundscape, about a fictional and surreal world generated by Google Earth, the French artists Dylan Cote and Pierre Lafanechère kicked off the 19th version of the International Image Festival, this time in an online format. The Opening Act was also attended and greeted by the Director of the Festival, Felipe César Londoño, the co-director of the Participatory Design Conference-PDC, Chiara del Gaudio, the rector of the University of Caldas, Alejandro Ceballos, and the Manager of the Institute of Culture and Manizales, Juan José Silva. This year, the Festival will continue to promote training and research in art, design, science and technology through the International Seminar, with 7 guests; Soundscapes, with 5 guests; Sound Bridges, with 9 guests; Cinema(y)Digital, with 12 films and 4 conversations; Exhibitions, with 11 invited artists; Conversations, with 18 panelists; among others. Likewise, the programming will be enriched with […]
June 13, 2020


For the first time in 23 years, the International Image Festival will be held in a digital format. The event will take place between June 15 and 19, 2020, with national and international guests, and multiple conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and samples. The theme of version 19 will be Participation(s) Others, in which artists, researchers and communities are invited to think about the meanings and ontologies that participation, art and design can take on. The digital culture meeting will develop a large part of its activities on an innovative XR web platform, provided by the Mozilla Technology Company, which was designed and programmed for the event by a team of engineers and designers from Manizales, Colombia. This platform will allow users to explore various spaces and activities in the first person through an avatar (virtual identity). He […]
June 7, 2020


Have you heard about the registrations for the International Image Festival? Participate in the following challenge and compete to win a ticket to all the activities that will take place at this year's event. The steps to follow are the following: Record a video of the most creative thing you can see through a window in your house. Upload it and tag @ImagenFest and @PDC2020. Use the hashtag #ElImagenFestFromMyWindow. And ready! It's that simple, you'll already be competing. Remember to make your profile public when doing this exercise. This is so that we can know the story you uploaded. This year the International Image Festival decided to migrate from the usual to the virtual. This is our way of betting on remote participation exercises and designing diverse narratives that promote local and global participation. Participate in #ElImagenFestDesdeMiVentana and show us your way […]
May 20, 2020

Results of the call for the XIX International Image Festival

During the call process carried out by the International Image Festival, whose submission date was February 26, 2020, 210 contributions from different areas of knowledge related to design, art, science and technology were received. ; which seek to enrich the XIX version of ImagenFest that will be held digitally this year and were divided as follows: Cinema (and) Digital: 67 proposals and 11 selected. Soundscapes: 38 proposals and 5 selected. Sound Bridges: 18 proposals and 6 selected. Posters: 30 proposals and 25 selected. M.Monográfica / Exhibitions /M.Art: 57 proposals and 11 selected. From the organizing committee of the International Image Festival and PDC 2020 we feel grateful for the great reception our call received, especially for the persistence that became evident at the moment we had to manifest our change […]
April 9, 2020

Statement Nº1: For the first time, the International Image Festival will be online

XIX International Image Festival & Participatory Design Conference PDC Manizales-Colombia Official Communication March 18, 2020 For the first time, and after 23 years of holding the International Image Festival (http://festivaldelaimagen.com), the event It will be held in a digital format, which will allow the interaction of participants from different parts of the world through online platforms. It is proposed, as a general framework, to put into practice the principles of "Participation (s) others", the central theme of the Festival and the Participatory Design Conference (PDC2020), through a model that allows the establishment of new interaction practices, supported by a discourse linked to telematic connections and that inspire a new conception of events that take into account alternatives that contribute to sustainability, the reduction of the carbon footprint, the opening of knowledge and mainly the prevention of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The festival […]