• Date
        June 13, 2019

        jorge lopes ramos

        United Kingdom

        www.zu-uk.com / jorgelopesramos@gmail.com

        ZU-UK is a collective renowned for its distinctive personal, political and sometimes humorous approach to creating interactive performance. Known for its attention to detail, care and total respect for audience members, it is a leading collective in participatory theater and performance.
        His work includes the acclaimed Hotel Medea (2009-2012) which was performed at the LIFT Festival, Hayward Gallery and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it won a Herald Angel Award, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011; Prix Ars Electronica Honorable Mention; and was a Time Out Critic's Choice - Pick of the Fringe 2011.  
      • Date
        June 13, 2019

        Diana Carolina Montoya

        Gotok Music

        www.gotokmusic.com / booking@gotokmusic.com

        We are a digital music platform focused on the development, promotion and positioning of Latin American artists and labels globally, through the design and execution of digital marketing strategies, cultural exchanges, festivals, tours and production of public and private concerts. .
        With our ecosystem of commercial alliances within an artistic and cultural field, we create creative solutions with exclusive content aimed at the expansion and growth of new markets.
        Our gotok catalog is made up of artists who represent a diversity of sounds that come together in Latin culture, headed by groups that have an important career in different places and stages within the world music, rock, indie and pop genres.  
      • Date
        June 13, 2019

        Ivan Franco

        Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation

        www.colciencias.gov.co / iafranco@colciencias.gov.co

        The Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Colciencias) is the entity in charge of promoting public policies to promote science, technology and innovation in Colombia. It is the main body of the Colombian public administration in charge of formulating, guiding, directing, coordinating, executing and implementing State policy in the aforementioned areas.  
      • Date
        June 13, 2019

        Camilo Cantor

        Public Experimentation Workshop

        www.parqueexplora.org/explora / camilo.cantor@parqueexplora.org

        Manager and Digital Artist. Industrial designer with experience in the creation and administration of collaborative strategies on the Internet and in the management of artistic projects. He was part of the El Niuton collective, where he collaborated with the publication of content dedicated to making visible initiatives of interaction between design, science, art and technology. He is part of the Sonema sound experimentation collective. He is currently the coordinator of the Exploratory – Public Experimentation Workshop at Parque Explora.

        The Exploratory is a public workshop for citizen experimentation with no access restrictions. Doers, entrepreneurs, artists, amateurs, engineers, artisans and students are welcome with an interest in sharing knowledge, accessing knowledge, developing ideas and projects in a collaborative, free and open way, under the philosophy of learning by doing.
        In his projects there is science, technology and art. The public workshop has spaces, machines, tools, methodologies and contents that favor interaction, communication, use and replication of knowledge and knowledge available for solving the challenges, needs and problems of the territories, in innovation exercises truly inclusive social  
      • Date
        June 13, 2019

        javier villamil

        Cluster of Creative Industries and Contents
        Bogota Chamber of Commerce

        www.ccb.org.co / javier.villamil@ccb.org.co

        The Cluster Initiative for Creative and Content Industries – which has the leadership and institutional support of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce – is a neutral setting where business leaders, the Government, support entities and academia work collaboratively to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the sector.

        Economist from the National University with a specialization in project evaluation from the Universidad de los Andes. With more than 7 years of experience in the identification, generation and implementation of projects with public-private entities for the development of creative and cultural industries. He is currently a Senior Professional of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, an entity that leads the implementation of the Cluster of Creative and Content Industries of Bogotá - Region and the realization of the Bogota Audiovisual Market - BAM. He has been a panelist in national events of great importance for the creative sector such as BAM and FICCI.  
      • Date
        June 13, 2019

        Alejandro Garces

        Pereira Art Museum

        www.museoartepereira.org / curadormap@gmail.com

        Curator of the Pereira Art Museum. Bachelor of Visual Arts with an emphasis on design and planning of cultural content, experience in production and coordination of research and creation projects with institutions and entities in the field of culture and entertainment. He combines his knowledge in the audiovisual medium and information and communication technologies ICTs with his artistic ability.  
      • Date
        June 13, 2019

        Julian David Correa

        National Directorate of Cinematography


        Writer, audiovisual producer and cultural manager. For several years he worked on development programs in conflict zones in Colombia and since the early 1990s he has written for different periodicals such as Kinetoscopio and Cinémas d'Amérique Latine, among others.  
      • Date
        June 13, 2019

        Ricardo Dal Farra

        Canada - Argentina

        Professor of electronic arts and music at Concordia University, Canada. Director-Founder of the Center for Experimentation and Research in Electronic Arts (CEIARTE) of UNTREF, Argentina. Director of the Balance-Unbalance (BunB) series of international symposiums focused on finding solutions to the problems of the global environmental crisis, and Understanding Visual Music (UVM). He has been director of the Hexagram Center for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies of Canada; coordinator of the Multimedia Communication Area of the Ministry of Education of Argentina; researcher at the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Center of De Montfort University in England.