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Note: Once the registration payment has been made, the collecting entity does not make any kind of refund.


The Design and Creation International Academic Forum requires the registration of each of the speakers of the accepted proposals no later than May 17, 2023. The academic proposals that do not receive registrations will not be included in the memories (proceedings). Each speaker on a panel must register. If you are a co-author of more than one proposal, you only need to register once. In the case of a poster, it also applies to at least one of the participants who must register previously for the publication of the poster and the others if it is joint.


Make a deposit in the checking account of Bancolombia nº07015352670 in the name of Fundación Instituto de Investigaciones de la Imagen - NIT 810.002.200-4 and send the proof of payment to inscripciones@festivaldelaimagen.com with name, identity card number and participation method.


Deposit in the current account of Bancolombia n°07015352670 in the name of the Image Research Institute Foundation - NIT 810.002.200-4, with swift code COLOCOBMXXX and send the proof of payment to the email inscripciones@festivaldelaimagen.com with name, identification number and modality of participation.


Phone: (576) 878 1500 ext.12606

Adress: Calle 65 #26–10 University of Caldas

City: Manizales

Country: Colombia


All international payments must be notified to guarantee their legalization.