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Since 1997, the Department of Visual Design in Manizales, Colombia, has held the International Image Festival, a meeting of digital culture that in its 18 editions has managed to establish an international network of institutions, researchers and creators who that each year exchange experiences and knowledge, which is why it has established itself as an event of international relevance and academic reference in design, art, science and technology.

The Festival addresses avant-garde themes that integrate various disciplines, shared knowledge and social and environmental problems that invite critical reflection of the media and communications in the contemporary world. In its latest versions, the Festival has been linked to internationally relevant events.

2013 Exhibition of the International Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil}
2014 I International Market for Design, Electronic Arts and Technology 
2015 Ecology from Digital Art / Fundación Telefónica de Venezuela 
2016 Balance-UnBalance Conference 
2017 23rd International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2017 / Digital France - Year Colombia-France 

Felipe C. Londoño

Curatorial committee 
Felipe César Londoño. Curador general.
Andres Isaza. Curador Cine Digital.
Emily Crompton / Per-Anders Hilgren / Daria Loi / Walter Castañeda / Pablo Ochoa. Exhibition/Situated Actions.
Daniel Castillo / Paola Rodas. Apoyo selección general.


19th International Image Festival & PDC 2020
June 15 - 19, 2020


In 2020, the 19th version of the Image Festival aims to integrate an event of international importance such as the Participatory Design Conference PDC2020, which to date has registered an attendance of more than 68,500 attendees, 1,920 speakers, 1,526 exhibitors, 1,260 invited artists. This in order to potentiate Manizales as a cultural hub and make creative and cultural industries visible.

For 2020, the PDC proposes as a theme "Participation(s) otherwise", in which the community of designers, artists, communities and researchers is invited to think about the different meanings and ontologies that participation, art and design can take.

The event encourages training and research in art, design, science and technology through face-to-face meetings such as International Seminar, Soundscapes, Digital (and) Cinema, Exhibitions, Conversations, Academic Forum of Art and Design, Workshops, Design Residence + Creation, International Design Market, Electronic Arts, among others.







Guest artists


Academic conferences


Activities scheduled for each edition

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