Open Calls
XXIII International Image Festival
May 6th to 12th, 2024

The International Image Festival is a meeting of digital culture and electronic arts, which arises in response to the need to disseminate and appropriate advances in areas of creation and research with digital technologies. This event becomes a strategy for the formation of audiences by opening scenarios of transformation through the creation and use of new technologies in contexts with social problems. In its twenty-two editions, the IIF has managed to establish an international network of institutions, researchers and creators who exchange experiences and knowledge every year, positioning itself as an event of international relevance and academic reference in design, art, science and technology. The International Image Festival invites creators to reflect on the future and to plan actions that guarantee the sustainability of the territory and communities, motivates the exploration of interdisciplinary relationships between the fields of science, art and technology and promotes reflection on how technologies will transform society in the coming years.


The Festival has been organized for 26 years by the Visual Design Department of the Universidad de Caldas and, since 2021, in alliance with the Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Colombia. In previous versions the International Image Festival has carried out its versions with the following events and organizations:


·      2015. Festival de Arte Contemporânea Sesc_Videobrasil

·      2016. Balance Unbalance, 2016

·      2017. ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts)

·      2020. PDC 16th Participatory Designn Conference.

·      Chroniques - Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques Francia.

·      2021. VIDEONALE.18. Association for the Advancement of Cultural Awareness in the Audio-Visual Field, Alemania

·      2021. Unbound Listening - Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival - British Council

·      2022. ICDHS International Committee on Design History and Studies -

·      2022. Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile

·      2023. Cyfest – CYLAND   

·      2023. SIIMI/2023 y 22.ART - Encuentro Internacional de Arte y Tecnología Interactivos  

In 2024, the XXIII International Image Festival will be held from May 6th to 12th, in the cities of Manizales and Bogota and will have Catalonia as its central guest, thanks to the alliance with the Panoramic Festival and the support of the Ramon Lllull Institute in Barcelona.



Central Theme


Indicios de nuevas creaciones


The twenty-third edition of the International Image Festival is a call to reconsider our relationship with the natural environment and cultural landscapes, and to think about the intersection between geography and human imagination. For this reason, Geo-poiesis emerges as an interdisciplinary concept that embodies the confluence of earth ('geo') and creation ('poiesis'). Thus, this concept places us at the epicenter of a dialectic that interrogates how we understand, interact with and shape our environments and how, in turn, these environments shape us. All of the above within the framework of a synergy between design, art, science and technology for the transformation of the local environment, making it possible to explore new production perspectives that point to sustainable solutions for the social and natural ecosystem.


The Festival adopts, once again, a commitment to sustainability. Sustainability, often seen as an exclusive discourse of science and technology, acquires an aesthetic and epistemological dimension in the framework of Geo-poiesis. In this way, sustainability is not only about best practices or technological solutions; it is also about narratives, ethical stances of how we act, understand and represent our relationship with the planet. In this context, art and design become crucial means to explore, reflect and reconfigure interactions with the earth.


Design, by its projective and transformative nature, can operate as a bridge between utopian visions and pragmatic solutions, being both critical and constructive on its way to finding solutions that contribute to clean and biodiverse economies. Thus, design can challenge us to reconsider the economies of production, consumption and waste, while inviting us to imagine alternative and more sustainable futures. On the other hand, art, with its ability to evoke, question and destabilize, has the potential to redefine and expand our conceptions of place, identity and belonging, leading to new views of territory. At the intersection of aesthetics and ecology, art can serve as a platform for celebration, critique and connection, fostering a deeper awareness and commitment to regeneration.


The following thematic lines are proposed within the framework of Geo-poiesis:


Designs and technologies for consilience

The will to generate bridges between art and science, to observe the planetary crisis in an integral way, finds in art, design and technology possibilities that open paths to assume new roles and disciplinary changes, which induce the creation of interactions and dialogues, alternative visualizations and adaptive solutions to take on complex problems.


Collaborative networks

The certainty of living in a hologram of interconnected flows of information, knowledge and experiences, implies the recognition of a posthuman and interspecies perspective, to dimension the urgency of an ethics for life and the common good, leading to strategies from geodesigns, bio creations and technocultural productions, for equity, welfare and cooperation in a relational, intergenerational and multiscalar pluriverse.


Biocultural Ecosystems

The vital flow of existence leads us to understand the dynamism of the behavior of open systems, which leads to a permanent movement of renewed knowledge, as well as rooted, embodied and earthly knowledge, collective memories and resilience capacities in the face of the diversity of natures, social, climatic, political and cultural changes. This intertwining favors an autonomy that empowers from regenerative actions, in horizons of creativity and transformation.


Emerging Languages

The transitions towards unimaginable states of artificial life, bio-artifacts, intelligent cities and regions, are the engine from which adaptive languages and trans-designs emerge, which requires a new creative consciousness of deep reflections and commitments to human and non-human life on earth. To imagine possible worlds from new cartographies and holistic knowledge, artificial intelligence and ancestral knowledge are integrated to establish futures for planetary survival from the knowledge of the body, spirituality, from metaphorical practices in possible environments of aesthetic convergence, in archeologies of the media and the entropy of the landscape.


The International Image Festival invites artists, designers and scientists to propose ideas, works and projects around Geo-poiesis in the following categories:


1.      Academic Call: XX International Academic Forum on Design and Creation

·      Papers

·      Posters

·      Panels


2.     Art & Creation Call: XX Media Art Monographic Exhibition and Film (and) Digital Showcase

·      Exhibitions (interactive installations, in-room displays, on-site transmedia proposals)

·      Film (and) Digital Showcase (animation, film, video art, micro-documentary)

·      Soundbridges

·      Media Art (Apps, VR, NetArt - Digital works displayed on: Computer, Tablet and VR goggles)

·      Student lounge (exclusively for students and graduates of Visual Design at the Universidad de Caldas).





Publication of calls: January 15th, 2024

Call deadline: March 1st, 2024 at 12:00 UTC -5


Call for Entries XX International Academic Forum on Design and Creation

Publicación de lineamientos para presentación de documentos: 10 de febrero de 2024

Apertura del sistema de envío: 19 de febrero de 2024

Admitted Publication: March 22nd, 2024

Accreditation Payment Deadline: April 22nd, 2024


XX Media Art Monographic Exhibit - Film (and) Digital Showcase Artistic Call for Entries

Opening of the submission system: February 10th , 2024

Publication of pre-selected proposals: March 18th, 2024

Publication of admitted: April 1st, 2024


Call for entries 17th Visual Design Students and Alumni Exhibition

Opening Date: March 4th, 2024

Deadline: April 12th, 2024

Product evaluation date: April 15th to April 26th, 2024

Selected Publication Date: April 26th, 2024



Proposals will be received in Spanish and English.





The evaluation of the proposals submitted to the call will be in charge of an academic and artistic committee made up of experts in the different modalities. The call for the XX International Academic Forum will use blind peer review. For the XX Media Art Monographic Exhibit Call - Film (and) Digital Showcase, the committee will be in charge of a curatorial process.


The selection of proposals varies according to the following considerations:


1.     Call for Entries XX International Academic Forum

Direct selection of proposals submitted in all subcategories (papers, posters and panels).


2.    XX Media Art Monographic Exhibit - Film (and) Digital Showcase Call for Entries

·      Direct selection in the subcategory Film (and) Digital and Sound Bridges according to the score given by the members of the artistic evaluation committee.

·      Pre-selection according to the evaluation score and the capacity of the spaces: proposals submitted in the subcategories of Exhibitions and Digital Experiences. The Festival production will contact the authors to agree on the terms and technical requirements of the assembly or activity. Their presentation or not at the event will depend on this.






This activity invites the academic community of artists, researchers, teachers, professionals and graduate and undergraduate students to submit their research and research-creation works in order to promote the meeting, discussion, reflection and exchange on Geo-poiesis and new approaches to contemporary project thinking, taking into account its thematic lines.



·      Papers: Research and research-creation works completed or in development, unpublished and not older than 3 years. They will be oral presentations of 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions and answers.

·      Posters They are novel research ideas or exploratory work related to the Geo-poiesis theme. The format will be in the form of an exhibition in a Festival slot.

·      Panels: Groups moderated by experts on a particular topic who respond to questions from the moderator or the audience. Each panel will last 90 minutes.


In the paper and poster categories, up to three authors are allowed; in the panel category, up to five authors are allowed. In each case, the role of each author must be specified.


In the papers category, authors must send their proposal with the development of the sections, abstract, introduction, keywords, references and bibliography. After the pre-selection process and once the results are published, the authors must complete the document for publication, with the sections, methodology, results and conclusions, according to the guide template. Through direct communication with the authors, the date for sending the complete proposal will be confirmed.


In the posters and papers category, authors must send complete proposals, according to the template guide.



The proposals accepted through the process of evaluation of documents and the evaluation of the lift at the table, will be included in a digital publication that will have a registration code (ISSN). It is important to specify that the authors must be attentive and aware of the adjustments and the time involved in this process, otherwise, they will be excluded.


Event accreditation

Selected authors must pay, individually, the registration fee for the event to obtain the right of presentation and publication at a special rate. With this accreditation they will be able to attend the activities programmed in the XXIII International Image Festival.


Note: Admission to other categories of the event does not exempt Forum participants from paying their registration fee.



·      The Festival will not cover transportation, lodging or food expenses.

·      Each author will receive a certificate for their participation. In the case of multiple authorship, the corresponding credits will be given in a single certificate.



Proposals must be submitted according to the guidelines established in the template provided for this purpose, which can be downloaded at the following link:

Papers Postér Panel


Para el envío de las propuestas debe ingresar a la plataforma Conftool en el siguiente enlace:

Aplica AQUÍ




The Artistic Call aims to promote creation linked to technology and encourage the integration between design, art, science and technology. It also promotes the production and exhibition of collaborative developments, through works that include design, sound art, audiovisual creation, exhibitions, concerts, performances, installations, among others.



·      Exhibitions: It includes interactive installations and exhibits to be displayed in a museum room that include languages that articulate film, sound, among others.

·      Film (and) Digital Showcase: Audiovisual creation proposals that include animation, film, video art and micro-documentaries. Programmed screenings will be held in theaters and alternative spaces.

·      Soundbridges: Sound productions that present ideas of information transfer, knowledge and construction from sound. The diffusion of sounds will be done simultaneously or synchronously, generating a collective work in constant construction. The assembly of these bridges will be carried out on a platform so that those interested can listen to the works with the quality of the output devices they prefer.

·      MediaArt: It exhibits transmedia, sound or multimedia creation proposals that include animation, film, video art and documentary. It also promotes the production and exhibition of telematic and collaborative developments among networks of designers, artists, engineers, communicators and interdisciplinary collectives, through works created in videographic, electronic or digital supports. Explorations where the interaction with the user and the creative and technological possibilities available in various media and media such as apps, extended realities and Net Art are used. These proposals should be submitted to be exhibited through web links.


Event accreditation

The authors of the selected proposals that are part of an academic institution whose product is the result of a research-creation process will pay a special registration fee for the event, and will receive a passport to attend all the activities scheduled during the XXIII International Image Festival. In the case of independent artists or works, up to 2 passports will be granted to participate in the event. Applies to all subcategories.



·      The Festival will cover the costs of assembly and some supplies that guarantee the partial or total exhibition of the selected proposals, subject to prior agreement between the authors and the Festival production.

·      The Festival will not cover the travel, lodging or food expenses of the artists in any of the categories of the Artistic Call XX Monographic Media Art Exhibit - Film (and) Digital Showcase.

·      Each author will receive a certificate for their participation. In the case of multiple authorship, the corresponding credits will be given in a single certificate.



The works selected in the Artistic Call will be included in the event's catalog, which will be published in digital media, after the end of the Festival. The name of the authors, institutional affiliation and abstract of the work will be included.



Proposals should be submitted using the following Google Forms form:

Convocatoria Artística




The International Image Festival invites filmmakers, animators and visual artists to participate in the " Film (and) Digital" call, a space dedicated to the exploration of the confluence of film and the digital era. We are looking for proposals that employ animation, film, video art and micro documentaries to unravel and redefine visual narratives in the contemporary context.


This edition of the Festival revolves around the theme of Geo-poiesis, in which Film (and) Digital is seen as a fertile scenario for exploration. In addition, this edition of the Festival will include for the first time the micro-documentary, a format that condenses, in a maximum of five minutes, powerful visual narratives, capable of provoking reflection and dialogue. The selected works will be screened during the Festival, offering a diverse platform for their exhibition.


In an era marked by digitalization, the following question arises: How does cinema transform in this hyper-connected context? We are looking for works that not only question their relationship with the digital world, but also explore new aesthetic horizons, innovative production models and creative forms of exhibition and research.


Specific questions for Film (and) digital

·      Are you registered in the Film Registration and Information System (SIREC) (this registration is not exclusive for the first part of the call, but must be completed if selected).

·      What genre does your audiovisual work fall into (animation, film, video art, micro-documentary)?

·      Link to the work. For this first instance of review, it is requested that the audiovisual material be hosted on a video service, preferably Vimeo or YouTube, with a private link. If accepted, the work must be sent in a minimum resolution of Full HD and a maximum of 2K, preferably in Advanced Video Coding / H. 264.