• Date
    May 26, 2023

    where is my plastic bag

    Lilia Li-Mi-Yan, Katherina Sadovsky (Armenia)

    ‌What ideas come to mind when you hear the word "future"? Do you imagine your own private future or do you fantasize about something global, where all humanity participates? The film features slow industrial footage of different departments in a plastics processing plant, displayed on three screens. Suddenly, among the powerful machines, a fragile human body appears with strange plastic objects that look like cells, like new organs formed outside, not inside.
  • Date
    May 26, 2023


    Lydia Rikker - Russia

    ‌"Who are children's dolls smiling innocently at? What are their older versions, the window mannequins, silent about? Using found footage from a study of Freud's Unheimlichkeit, the director delves into the depths of of childhood fears. For almost 7 minutes, together with the director we tried to understand what it means to be a toy, what it means to be an owner and how people are different from their plastic doubles."
  • Date
    May 29, 2023

    Ob Scena

    Dove Orlandini - Argentina

    ‌Ob Scena takes up academic texts on sexuality written by a psychiatrist in Cuba in the '80s and establishes a link with current pornography. A reflection on the place of social control discreetly infiltrated in the representation of sex.