XIX International Academic Forum of Design and Creation

Landscapes of estrangement, hybrid, diverse, indeterminate

Report first stage of evaluations
Proposal Summaries

Next, we share the report corresponding to the first stage of evaluations of the Academic Call - International Academic Forum of Design and Creation:

1. Call Chile / Total number of proposals received: 11

Proposals accepted: 8
Proposals not accepted: 3

2. International Academic Forum of Design and Creation / Total number of proposals received: 138

116 presentations
18 posters
4 panels

Total number of proposals accepted: 93

75 presentations
14 posters
4 panels

total number of papers not accepted: 45

4 presentations
4 posters
0 panels

Concerns of the authors regarding the evaluation process, please send them to the email: [email protected]

It is allowed to inform that after the evaluation process and that the application for a presentation/poster/panel in the International Academic Forum of Design and Creation was accepted, the following dates must be kept in mind: 

  • Deadline for sending the complete document (maximum 4000 words without including bibliographical references) to publish in the memories of the International Image Festival: Tuesday May 2, 2023
  • Deadline for registration payment XXII international image festival XENOpaisajes to be able to participate in the forum: Wednesday May 17, 2023


Because the platform does not have the "Upload Final Version" function enabled, the instructions to update the final document of your proposal are shared below:

Step 1: When entering the platform, you must enter the contribution or proposal that you want to update.

Step 2: Within all the proposals, on the right side of the screen, there are some functions, within those functions, there is the Upload Contribution function. Click on that function. For international participants, this feature may appear in Spanish.

Step 3: After clicking Upload Contribution, you are in the part where the paper was first uploaded, this is where the paper is updated with the final file. In this part you must click on Select a file (where the final file is uploaded) and then click on Upload File. After this, the presentation should be found on the platform with the final file already attached.

Academic proposals template. 

Supported list:


  1. Paula Salas Mella, Rosario Montero Prieto, Sebastián Melo de Luca "Forests of Fire"
  2. Silvana Bustos Rubio "Art, Memory and Nature. Analysis of the research and creation process of the play "IXOFIJ MONGEN, All lives without exception" by the Mapuche Theater Company KIMVNTeatro"
  3. Maria del Rosario Montero Prieto "Not all waters are blue: perceptions and representation of nature and culture in Chile" Invited Lecture


  1. Filinich Orozco, RenzoHybrid ecologies: On the relationship between art, machines and natural systems”
  2. Zuñiga Munoz, Manuel Antonio.Investigate-create in a complex way in the key of Human-non-human symbolic repair”
  3. Aguilar, Jose Javier; Trujillo-Suarez, Manuel J. "Intrapreneurship in organizations: an approach from collaboration based on design practices.”
  4. Luna Martinez, Francisco Andres; Timana Torres, Michael StevenDesign of a visual repertoire from the graphic study of the ornamentation on facades of republican architecture in the city of Pasto.”
  5. Da Rosa Pires, Gustavo; Pedroso, Anderson; Matsunaga, Celia; Spitz, Rejane; Portinari, Denise; Coelho, FredericoVideo: cyborg counter-writing”
  6. Ferrari, MarceloThe representation of the Void in the cinema of Ozu (Buddhist perspective) and Antonioni (existentialist perspective): Expressions of the past for an uncertain Future?
  7. Ribeiro, ClarissaData-Phantoms: Memories Post Extinction”
  8. Restrepo Hoyos, Paula Andrea; Cedeño Montaña, RicardoPosthuman Design: The Bacteria Perspective”
  9. Munoz Farida, GracielaLogic of eviction and amplification of absence in the proposal of a situated laboratory”
  10. Betancur Santa, Hector Yovanny; Villota, Oscar Darío; Valencia, MarioDevelopment of a 3D concert simulator: technological mediation and immersive spaces to overcome stage fright.”
  11. Buitrago, SilviaPopular culture as a narrative and production resource in the design of transmedia experiences in Latin America.
  12. Innostroza, Valentina "Questioning the landscape: stagnation, ruin and waste”
  13. Martin Iglesias, Rodrigo; I vote, Cristina; Agra, Rocio "Xenofuturism: future decolonial figurations from vernacular semi-verses.”
  14. Ricardo de Salles, Laurita; Medeiros Filgueira Burlamaqui, Achilles "The Magic Flute and the enchantment Reflections on a technological artistic installation”
  15. Guarin Medina, Johana Using AI for visual analysis: sharing between IVPY and IMAGEPLOT to study the modern genealogy of photographic visualities from archival material.”
  16. Contreras Trujillo, AngelaPaulina del 2000, a transmedia experience about the identity revolt of the centennial generation”
  17. Gutierrez-Jimenez, Esteban; Cadavid, Jose JulianDIDE: Pixel manipulator”
  18. Cardona, Felix; Riascos, John; Quinayas, RaúlStrategies from design to revitalize ancestral techniques through co-design processes with communities representative of the context”
  19. Porras Sepulveda, JuanitaThe true can never be seen»: sound and listening as proposals for creation and thought»
  20. Castaño Aguirre, Carlos Alberto; Bermudez Mejia, Paula AndreaTransmedia narratives as a strategy for the visibility and sustainability of the knowledge of rural women in the municipality of Pijao-Quindío”
  21. Cano Ramirez, Carlos MarioMichael Foucault's concept of device seen in the light of design theories”
  22. Rodríguez Echeverri, Laura Isabel; Cano Ramirez, Carlos MarioDress codes, identity and immigration”
  23. Cardona, Felix; Ceron Mercado, Ruby Alexandra; Gallego Acosta, Luz KarimeBiocultural heritage mediated by collective memory, a sustainable possibility for the territories – SDG 15”
  24. Salas Mella, Paula; Montero Prieto, Maria/Rosario; Melo De Luca, SebastianThe sound of the tree falling: eucalyptus trees in the landscape”
  25. Villota Cuásquer, Oscar DaríoTowards a characterization of mediated experience. Initial relationships from the concepts of embodiment, immersion and agency.
  26. Larrea Melgarejo, FelipeOn the paradigm of innovation. Arts and humanities lurking”
  27. Choi, Jiwon; Kim, Min Soo"The birth and transformation of stainless-steel rice bowls in the Korean industrialization period from the 1960s to the 1980s”
  28. Medina Cardona, Luis Fernando; Martinez Munoz, Diana CarolinaKonkreta (excursion 01): Research-creation process for the production of a sound piece on the concept of geology in hybrid and anthropic landscapes.”
  29. Franco Lizarazo, Fernando Enrique; Pinzón Lizarazo, Oscar DanielMemories Textures: interdisciplinary creative processes in the elaboration, development and exhibition of an intermedial device.”
  30. Eloi Soares de Carvalho, Leonardo; Alexandre Dantas do Nascimento, Hugo; de Sousa Neves, LucasDisruptive interfaces for Digital Museums: new forms of interaction for the visually impaired”
  31. Herrera Romero, Luis Fernando; Ordoñez Bolaños, Oswaldo Andrés.Transcoding Ylama: Aesthetic-artistic production as a tool for reflection around processes of erasure, appropriation and updating of memory of the Ylama culture of southwestern Colombia.
  32. Angel-Bravo, RafaelThe market place as a scenario for the exploration of multicultural and intercultural processes, through research-creation”
  33. Choi, Joo Eun; Kim, Min-soo"The hidden side of emoticon : Resistance and thuggishness beyond 'cuteness'”
  34. Vera Perez, Daniela; Del Castillo Oyarzún, MarioEidetic Images: Multimedia Representations for the Visibility of Disputed Landscapes”
  35. Pena Ospina, Paola; Covelli, JuanSpeculative treasures: symbolic repatriation of the Quimbaya treasure and decolonial re-signification through the use of artificial intelligence.
  36. Lopez Carmona, Juan AlejandroMobilization of knowledge in interaction processes in the variable condition of digital materiality”
  37. Du Aguiar Leme, Iriane; Aparecida Sarzi Ribeiro, Regilene “Video, presences and generations - Contemporary landscapes, sexualities in frame”
  38. Arango Marin, Miguel; Cardona Gonzales, Marcela; Mejia Amezquita, ValentinaSabores y Saberes El Claret: a house/restaurant as a living scenario for the preservation of a territorialized rurubanity”
  39. Castaño Castrillón, Hernán Darío; Torres Novoa, Rocio; Bermudez Taborda, DavidCreative Solastalgia: Tools for Design and Sustainable Development”
  40. Escobar Gomez, Sigifredo; Rodriguez Hurtado, Laura; Buitrago Escobar, Martha LuzTransmedia narratives and Minecraft: An educational experience to encourage the development of 21st century skills”
  41. Sanchez Diaz, Diana CarolinaSymbiotic: Reestablishing natural relationships from home-made cosmetics”
  42. Courteous Severino, Catalina; Schlenker Monsalve, Juana; Martinez Munoz, Diana Carolina; Palencia Reyes, Miguel AngelMutant Correspondences. intimate landscapes”
  43. Escobar Gaviria, Daniela; Vargas Rodríguez, Yuli Paola; Cedeño Montaña, RicardoNew territories for digital and interactive communication in academic environments”
  44. Zapata Ruiz, Eliana; Imbett Vargas, Erika SolangeDecentralization of the teaching of Design”
  45. Alvarez De Moya, Maria del Rosario.Semiotic analysis of the sociocultural history of Medellín from the years 1940-1960, in the photographic archive.
  46. Vargas Rodríguez, Yuli Paola; Escobar Gaviria, Daniela; Cedeño Montaña, RicardoBeyond the surface: digital color”
  47. Montes Cruz, Jose Joaquin; Gonazález Acero, Lorena Xiomara; Salas Prada, AlejandroCo-inhabiting worlds: scientific and advertising images as mediators of everyday politics”
  48. Acosta Triana, PaulaI am not a robot? Metaverse, perreo and assisted algorithmic identities”
  49. Carvalho, Agda; Orefice, Murilo; Pereira, EveraldoImmersive experience: invisible to the eyes”
  50. Jert Bustos, Andrea; Noriega Arancibia, KatyaFungal Methodologies, creative processes to imagine other worlds”
  51. Du, Zhijun; Kim, Min Soo"A Study on the Visualization and Correlation of the 'Great Leap Forward' and 'Cheollima' Movement”
  52. Castillo-M, JuanCognitive styles and ideation patterns in innovation and creation activities with generative tools”
  53. Diaz Ospina, JulianaDesign with purpose, digital strategies for the prevention of cyberbullying in children.”
  54. Hernandez Garcia, Iliana; Niño-Bernal, RaúlLiving technological xenoscapes”
  55. Jaramillo Arango, Julian; Roa Franco, Luisa Fernanda” Immersed in the moor. Notes on the conception and realization of Invariante, a virtual reality cinematographic work.”
  56.  Valencia Garcia, Mario Humberto; Villota Cuásquer, Oscar DaríoThe convergence between design and artificial intelligence. New frontiers and perspectives.”
  57. Gallego, Juan Diego; Guzman, Juan CamiloFrom gestures to real communication”
  58. Becerril Bernal, Raúlsensory perception; new narratives in the processes of design and visual communication”
  59. Mira Gomez, Daniel Mauricio”Atmospheres of the Athanasian”
  60. Villegas Velez, DanielAffection, listening and determined unpredictability: resonances of a planetary ethic.
  61. Velez Carmona, Maria Fernanda; Urrea, JuanDigital Circular Fashion”
  62. Martinez Carmona, Julian DavidMeditations on the concept of photography and its influence on our perception of nature.”
  63. Marquez, AnthonyFrom science fiction to everyday life: Solarpunk as a countercultural movement and its manifestation in contemporary art.
  64. Parra Ariza, Maria Alejandra; Herreno Amaya, Darly Tatiana; Rojas Torres, VaslakStructuring of a protocol for the implementation of immersive sketching with a VR tool in the design stage where verifications are carried out in the subjects of the EDI-UIS Design Workshops, case of Design Workshop VI. Stage 1"
  65. Paraguay, LuisaPhenomenological placeness: landscapes-in-flow"
  66. Salas, AndresTransitional natural areas: the province of Quebec and human relations with nature from a colonial perspective.
  67. Echeverria Lopez, JuanTrans.hum4n_o: Trans.HUM4N_0: explorations towards the meaning of the body as an object through body modification in a transhuman and desexualized society.”
  68. Torres Ruiz, FernandoShort films for the elimination of violence against women”
  69. Lizarralde Gomez, Cristian Felipe; Campos Quintana, CamilaObligados Documentary in virtual reality”
  70. Reina Gutierrez, AndresImago, the return of self-awareness. Realization of a dystopian graphic novel.”
  71. Ascuntar Rivera, Maria Cristina; Caicedo Moncayo, Carlos Esteban; Guancha Tobar, July Katerine; Paz Velasquez, Albert Camilo; Bastidas Maya, Ludy YinethGuidelines, archetypes and metaphors: an anthropological view of design on traditional cuisine”
  72. Suarez Quiceno, CarlosThe microbook format: a map of the empire that contains the empire, or a total landscape of the text to be traversed and remembered.
  73. Ramirez Escobar, Maria Fernanda; Villafane, Adriana; Vega, YairStories to know: tour of the regions of Colombia”
  74. Villescas Guzman, Liliana Maria; Peralta Duque, Beatriz del Carmen.Open government, connectivity and trade”
  75. Gallego Giraldo, CarmenzaDesign Thinking applied to organizational transformation projects”



  1. Diego Bernaschina “Cryptomphalus aspersus: Visual narrative and climate change crisis in media arts”
  2. Francisco Andrés Luna Martínez, Michael Steven Timaná Torres "Design of a visual repertoire from the graphic study of ornamentation on facades of republican architecture in the city of Pasto."
  3. Juliana Restrepo Giraldo, Victoria Restrepo Giraldo “XENO Walking in XENO Landscapes”
  4. Santiago Franco Lopera “Synthetic Nature: Modulation of memory through the digital interpretation of life forms.”
  5. Mariano Martino, Ingrid Quiroga Mosos "Cultural management as a facilitator of dialogues between fields of knowledge."
  6. Álvaro Osorio Galeano “Creation of Fictional Artistic Virtual Spaces An Approach to the Liquid Habitat”
  7. Isabella Duque Ospina, Isabella Muñoz Gómez, Andrés Agredo Ramos "Coco Shapes: A fun way to learn"
  8. Carlos Mario Rodríguez Rodríguez “Fanzine: Sensory Territories”
  9. José Luis Cuenca Moncada “Posters”
  10. Camila dos Santos, Andreia Machado Oliveira “Sound art and poetic transductions: artistic creation from the Ultra Sonoro radio program”
  11. Nancy Quiroga “RESASEM: Amulets for catharsis//Conflict as an opportunity and art as a tool”
  12. Sandra Liliana SuÁrez Quintero, German Eduardo Gómez Uribe, Angela Liliana Dotor Robayo, Valentina Millán Aleman "Poster proposal research-creation project "Genesis, memory and registration of matter"
  13. Javier Enrique Sandoval VelÁsquez “The fulldome device. An approach to his animated poetics”
  14. María Cristina Ascuntar Rivera, Carlos Esteban Caicedo Moncayo, Albert Camilo Paz Velásquez, Ludy Yineth Bastidas Maya, Francisco Rafael Ayala Gallardo, July Katerine Guancha Tobar "Entre Amasijos"



  1. Clarissa Ribeiro, Victoria Vesna, Claudia Jacques, Mick Lorusso, Amy-Claire Huestis "Beyond Human-non-Human: Ecologies-as-Cosmologies"
  2. Pablo Andrés Gómez Granda, Diana Zoraida Castelblanco Caicedo, María Paula Orjuela Campos, Nicolle Perez Salazar, Daniela Andrea González Rueda, Karla Moreno Junco, Diego Andrés Páez, Éfren Morales "Metascapes / Metanoia"
  3. Maríaa José Ríos Araya "landscapes of meanings from the ubiquitous and situated interaction"

  4. Carlos Alberto Castaño Aguirre, María Cristina Ascuntar Rivera, Miguel Ángel Rivera Fellner, Adriana Gómez Álzate, Jorge Andrés Rivera Pabón “Mutant landscapes: interdisciplinary dialogues on a category under construction”