R. Smith, Claus Bossen, C. Dindler, O. Iversen

R. Smith, Claus Bossen, C. Dindler, O. Iversen

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All four authors are based at the Dept. of Digital Design and Information Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark, and part of interdisciplinary research environments on participatory design, child-computer interaction, computer supported cooperative work, Science-Technology-Society Studies, and computational empowerment in education

Rachel Charlotte Smith is associate professor. Her research focuses on participatory and design anthropological modes of research, sustainable social change and futures, in relation to computational empowerment and digital technology in everyday life.

Claus Bossen is associate professor. His research focuses on participatory design, healthcare and IT, Science-Technology-Society Studies, and most recently data work.  With a background in anthropology he favors direct engagement with people and organisations in conducting research.

Christian Dindler is associate professor of participatory interaction design. His research focuses on computational empowerment and how digital technology and design processes create effects for the people and organisations involved. 

Ole Sejer Iversen is professor in interaction design and director of Center for Computational Thinking & Design. His research is in the intersection of child-computer interaction and participatory design with a strong focus on how we engage children and youth in the design of digital technology.