B. Serpa, I. Portela, M. Costard, S. Batista

L. Hilmer

Exploratory papers

We are a group of designers and PhD researchers working in the Laboratory of Design and Anthropology of the School of Industrial
Design, at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Coming from different regions of Brazil, our research converges on the understanding that design can be an important political device, especially in the struggles for fundamental rights in Brazil.

Bibiana Serpa doctoral student, studies politicization processes articulating her work in the social movement and design.

Imaíra Portela researches themes related to teaching and learning design, from the establishment of affirmative policies in the reserve
of vacancies.

Mariana Costard focus on design as a way of collective research in urban territory and its pedagogical and political potential.

Sâmia Batista investigates how design methods, tools and processes can contribute to the emancipation of young people from the periphery of the cities.