S. Mata-Marín, S. Bosch-Gómez, M. Ortega-Pallanez, S. Juri

S. Mata-Marín, S. Bosch-Gómez, M. Ortega-Pallanez, S. Juri


The authors are all PhD candidates in Transition Design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. As transition design researchers, the authors are committed and have conducted a diversity of projects engaged in societal shift toward long-term, sustainable futures and lifestyles that are simultaneously place-based (local) and internationally networked (global). As researchers originally from Latin America they all share an interest in critically grounding design research and participatory design practices to the Latin American context.

Silvia’s research is centered in the intersection between design, borders, migration, and human rights. She is currently located in Costa Rica and her work is focused on developing local and inclusive design-language as a part of building culturally appropriate and situated design practices.

Marysol’s research is positioned in the interplay between personal actions and collective, systemic changes to address socio-environmental issues. She is exploring how this could be done by setting up emancipatory arenas for dialogue and analysis of individual voices and collective future-sensing. 

Sofia’s research has been in participatory design, focusing on the role of design and designers within the Mexican public service, taking into account local circumstances. She is particularly interested in positioning design research in the public service and in relation to policy-making and implementation.

Silvana’s research interests focus on how to leverage design to redirect our current nutritional transition, mostly by transforming our food cultures through creativity and collaboration as a way of enabling sustainable food futures.