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Hubs Main Room


Most of the activities of the International Image Festival + PDC 2020 will take place on Hubs, an XR web platform from the Mozilla Technology Company, which was designed and programmed specifically for the event. XR platforms involve elements of virtual reality and augmented reality within a web browser and are useful for virtual communication between people.

Several stages of the city of Manizales were digitally recreated on the platform, in which the Festival's activities have historically been carried out, such as: the Los Fundadores Theater, the Banco de la República, the Herveo Tower and the Art Museum from Caldas. Likewise, visitors will be able to visit a Media Arts Room, 16 Located Action Rooms (created in a participatory manner with international artists), Students Projects, Poster Room and InfoDesk, from where all the rooms will be accessed.

The platform developed for this version of the Festival will allow registrants and the media to explore various spaces in person through an avatar. An innovative experience that has never been presented before at a ImagenFest.




FII19 and PDC 2020 InfoDesk + Coffee Break Room

This is the meeting space on the Hubs platform. Participants will be able to get to this place and find the access links to the different places where the activities scheduled by ImagenFest will be taking place. In addition, it is the place arranged for dialogue, avatars can come here when they want to have a moment of rest and socialization, in which they can interact with the other people who will be participating in the Festival.


PDC - Students' Projects Gallery 

This is an online exhibition open to all, which features posters of student projects. As part of the program, attendees will be especially invited to 2 lunch sessions (EN/ES/PT) where poster presenters will be available for short presentations, answer questions and feedback.


FII19 - Festival Poster Gallery

Graphical summaries that present initiatives or research projects submitted to the Festival. (ES)


PDC - Situated Actions

Given formatting changes to PDC2020’s program, Situated Actions (SA) will now be presented as an online exhibition featuring design/art pieces that can be experienced as installations, happenings, and demos through Hubs, a virtual reality platform by Mozilla. As part of the conference program, attendees will have the opportunity to choose from and participate in two (1) of thirteen (13) interactive sessions featuring mini-workshops with the artists (pre-registration is required). The sessions are grouped in 2 and they take place on Wednesday June 17th afternoon (3:30 and 4:30 pm).

On June 17th, after the interactive sessions are completed, the online exhibition will be open to everybody, everywhere in the world.

Power Dynamics



Climate Emergency



FII19 - Exhibitions

New interactive languages that propose various readings of art, cinema, photography, sound, technological experimentation and digital audiovisual creation.


Media Art

Firstly, the exhibition shows audiovisual creation proposals that include animation, cinema, video art and documentary. Secondly, the exhibition promotes the production and exhibition of collaborative and telematic developments among networks of designers, artists, engineers, communicators and interdisciplinary groups, through works carried out on video-graphic, electronic or digital media. Thirdly, the exhibition exhibits explorations where the interaction between the user and the creative and technological possibilities available in various supports and media, such as apps, augmented reality and Net Art, are used


'Oscar Naranjo' Exhibition Room

The 'Óscar Naranjo' room is one of the spaces of the Fundadores Theater located in the city of Manizales. For this version of the Festival, this space was modeled in 3D and with this it seeks to pay tribute to the Theater and the Caldas Art Museum in gratitude for all the years in which this space has been lent for the realization of the exhibitions of the ImagenFest.


'Banco de la República' Exhibition Room

Banco de la República opens its new Cultural Center in Manizales with meeting and enjoyment spaces for everyone: library, exhibition hall, auditorium, creation room, children's room and bookstore. It is a place to listen to music, see art, experiment with technology, research, read without worries, learn about archaeological heritage and get inspired.
The exhibition hall was modeled in 3D so that the participants can interact in it.


Fundadores Theater

The Fundadores Theater is the largest theater in the city of Manizales, with capacity for 1,900 people, it has several rooms. As it is an emblematic place in the city, ImagenFest decided to model it in 3D.


FII19 - Sound Bridges

An installation of contemporary music and experimental sound trends. The installation explores the use of technological tools, advanced composition processes, mixing as art, noise as a soundscape and creation and post-production. The space is modeled in 3D after the Herveo Tower, which is located in the city of Manizales.

The Herveo Tower

The Herveo Tower or Cable Tower, is a wooden supporting structure that was a vital part of the transportation and cargo system, an aerial cable that reached the city of Manizales. This space was modeled in 3D with the intention of allowing participants to explore a space so typical of what this city is.

Soundbridges 1
Soundbridges 2
Soundbridges 3
Soundbridges 4

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