Presented by: Yuliana Botero

A sound work made from introspection, that travels through the inner abyss of a memory full of melancholy, of a moment that will not return and that little by little loses clarity, of an instant diffused in the memory, a sound work that speaks to the self of the past, repeating words of a poem read in a room with cracked walls. 

After wandering in the memory, comes the feeling of overwhelm and melancholy for moments that will not return, instants that little by little are more diffuse and blurred. This work refers to the I of the present that tries to repeat those memories that have marked the soul with nostalgia, making use of a poem to call the I of the past and to be able to reveal some clarity in the passage of time. It is an audio made with reverberation that generates the echo of memories in the mind, making it become a dialogue between the past and the present.