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Would Homo-sapiens become obsolete

Presented by: Adeline Charneau

All living organisms are in constant evolution. This is what Charles Darwin defined in his theory of the evolution of species, and it involves a part of randomness and variation.

 With the explosion of nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, informatics and cognitive sciences, new anthropological narratives are appearing that draw the contours of a repaired, transformed or augmented human being. Homo sapiens can now manipulate their DNA, transgress natural selection and eliminate chance.

 Vision of a better world or an apocalyptic world ?

 Through my artistic works, I question the ethics of these stories, inviting to develop a critical thinking about the human condition and its future.

I want to transcribe the flows, the waves considered as vital energies that transcend the Human in all aspects of his human condition. The human being is a living being, among human beings interconnected and animated by vibrations.

 Human beings will only adapt to their environment if they understand and accept their humanity and their interdependence with Nature.