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C. Wolf, J. Blomber

C. Wolf, J. Blomber

Beyond Academia

Christine T. Wolf is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research – Almaden. Her work investigates how people make sense of (and transform) emergent technologies through everyday practice. Adapting ethnographic and participatory design techniques, her work currently focuses on the incorporation of data-driven systems into organizational work practices and draws on perspectives from information systems (IS), computer-supportive cooperative work (CSCW), and technology policy.

Jeanette L. Blomberg is a Distinguished Research Staff Member at IBM Research – Almaden and adjunct professor at Roskilde University in Denmark. Jeanette is an anthropologist who is known for her research on ethnography in design processes. Recently she has turned her attention to the study of organizational analytics where she considers the linkages between human action, digital data production, data analytics, and business or societal outcomes.