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Colombia / 20 min. / Interactive Documentary / 2021


DIRECTOR: Juan Cañola / PRODUCTION: Colectivo Santa Clara / SCRIPT: Maria Paula Jiménez / PHOTOGRAPHY: Juan Cañola / WEB ARCHITECTURE: Sara Arredondo / SOUND: Juan Pablo Patiño

Five stylish young men walk erratically sniffing black plastic bags, a group of carabinieri cheerfully sing "Happy Birthday", several sex workers approach to receive a small market, the thief runs across them with great skill and everyone joins in a chorus: "catch him, catch him!

This interactive documentary allows a voyeuristic exploration of the most picturesque situations of the Bolivar Park in Medellin. In this web page that could be any window, the cursor will be a spyglass through which the user will reveal his morbid pleasure for gossip and the unknown. This downtown landscape, segmented by interactivity and invisibility, is a portrait of the pandemic and of what cinema can do from the confinement.