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Tele Espacios Activos VIII

Presented by: Mario H Valencia

Wednesday, May 26th 19:25 pm

Directed by Mario H. Valencia and Oscar (TATA) Ceballos and developed by Laboratorio SENSOR in the last seven years within the framework of the International Image Festival, Tel-espacios activos has explored in recent years different forms of telematic creation, it is now in the pandemic when it makes more sense. This year has been interesting because many applications and forms of communication previously used by a few have been massified and different collectives, creators and events have adopted the telematic artistic construction as another possibility, not only to face the pandemic but also to expand the expressive, creative and performative possibilities that this interesting space offers.

For this year (2021) TEA8 proposes the realization of 4 telematic works in the format of audiovisual performances, an interactive installation and a workshop. These proposals explore fields such as expanded documentary, live performance, Brain-Computer Interface, embedded virtual environments for sound and visual representation, among others.