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She Was Called Petra

Tuesday, May 25 14:00 pm - 16:00 pm

In 2019, a female parrot, an African grey named Petra, managed to place an online order through a virtual assistant. Thus, she added a number of miscellaneous items to the shopping list of the human who lives with her in Orlando (Florida, United States). Since then, the virtual assistant (Alexa), Petra and the human continue to communicate.

In She Was Called Petra, we can hear the voices of these three protagonists (with some others) through a single loudspeaker. Their words and sounds trigger the appearance of "ordered" images in a search engine. Simultaneously, live videos of Asian and American beaches and African savannahs appear on a screen and on cell phones. In addition, orders placed by Petra, interpreted by a human, have been brought in and placed on the floor.