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Rural Projects ANT (Art Nature Technology) in Latin America

Rural Projects ANT (Art Nature Technology) in Latin America

sabel Margarita – Yto Aranda Mansilla, Pedro Soler, Bruno Vianna, Gabriel Vanegas, Valentina Montero, Lucía Egaña, Luciana Fleischman, Rachel Rosalen, Rafael Marchetti, Omar Gatica Rivera, Yuliana Rodríguez, Daniela Moreno Wray, Katharina Klemm / Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Germany
Rao Caya, Upayakuwasi, NUVEM, MINKALAB, PAM, Plataforma Arte y Medios, Cooperativa de Técnicas, Platohedro – Manga Libre, rural.scapes – lab in residence, rural.scapes – lab in residence

“Proyectos rurales ANT: Art, Nature & Technology in Latin America” brings together creators, teachers and researchers involved in art, digital culture and the development of rural spaces, in the shared conviction that, to face the environmental and social challenges that confront us all, it is necessary to engage with rural areas and other forms of “post-extractivist” relationships, technologies and sensibilities.

The challenge lies in how to apply our knowledge of the arts, our experience in collaborative networking skills and digital culture to the healing of ecosystems and their respective communities, with indigenous people and local farmers as guides and companions. Together we are organizing spaces, gardens and houses that nourish experimental practices, new autonomies and investigations in common. We hope that many more will join us in this act of love and survival.

The projects represented are Upayakuwasi and Pujinostro (Ecuador), Manga Libre and Selvatorium (Colombia), Nuvem and Ruralscapes (Brasil), Rao Caya (Chile) and Goctalab (Peru). Valentina Montero (PAM – Plataforma de Artes Mediales) and Lucia Egaña have made theoretical and cartographic contributions.