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Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, Daniela Delgado Ramos

Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, Daniela Delgado Ramos

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Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar is a doctoral student at the MIT Media Lab. His work focuses on participatory technology design, the development of new design frameworks, and the study of ancestral technologies in Latin America. With Daniela, he found an accomplice to start digging into a 4-year old body of data about Participatory Design in Colombia.

Daniela Delgado Ramos is a Ph.D student of informatics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. As a designer, she is interested in studying the experiences around new design methodologies and technological paradigms. And with Pedro, she found an important opportunity to explore the ideas around the participatory design and its applications. In the work together, she could not only learn about several reported case studies but also she was exposed to the first-hand experience of her co-author.