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Proyecto 3M

Presented by: Cristian Nicollier

Marmato is a small community whose population does not reach 10,000 inhabitants, in the department of Caldas in the Republic of Colombia. The population is proud to maintain the traditional processes of gold mining in the El Burro hill for more than 500 years.  The life of women in the gold mines of Marmato has extremely complex nuances, different trades and the constant coexistence with hundreds of men who do not always agree with her presence. The ambiguity ranges from the popular belief that the mine "salts" if a woman enters, to the cooperation of male workers to be able to remove the "cochada" of the day from inside the guide.  Women who "guachean", that is, gather material for milling from the accesses to the mines.  Women who resort to the solidarity of the miners. Women who sell food, desserts and empanadas. Women who work inside the mines. Women who work in the mills, loading, washing, "cianurando". Women who know the fine art of the batea.  Women who own the mines. Women who are masters of their own destiny.  

PROYECTO 3M portrays Women, portrays Miners and portrays Marmateñas and tries to discover how the Women who are part of this giant world in this small place work, rest, live, suffer or enjoy.