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Project politique

Project politique

Chile / 6 min. / B&W photography / 2019
Spanish with French subtitles

DIRECTED BY: Daniel Nicolás Aguilera C. / SCRIPT: Daniel Nicolás Aguilera C. / SCRIPT: Daniel Nicolás Aguilera C. CAMERA: Valentian Gallardo / MONTAGE: Daniel Nicolás Aguilera C. / SOUND EDITING: Jaime San Martín / NARRATION: Daniel Nicolás Aguilera C. 

A black and white docufiction in which photo by photo we go through the thoughts of Daniél Nicolas, born in France, son of Chilean exiles who later returns to Chile and is invaded by a feeling of rootlessness. At first, we see him breaking into the sacralization of Chilean political institutions, then with his bare feet he presents a city at times silent, then crowded with people, lights and sounds of cars, a city with its own rhythm and he, drifting on a baluster, questions himself about whether or not he is part of that rhythm, he confronts himself and confronts us about politics, censorship and the feeling of belonging or not belonging. A void crosses us, identifies us, allows us to recognize ourselves. In the midst of this performance and video art, as the author calls it, it is impossible not to wonder: how do we delimit the territories we inhabit, how do we inhabit, uninhabit and re-signify them? Who creates the borders and what allows us to cross them and even erase them?