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Poder Violeta 2

Presented by: Carlos Torres

Recently, some designers have shown that video games, in addition to entertaining us, can question the most problematic aspects of our social reality. Video games, like movies, music or literature, can stimulate conversations about social problems. Although this is a trend that began at the beginning of this century, it is still very little explored in our country. Therefore, as we learn more about the ways in which we can design these artifacts, we can use this tool to represent our reality, its challenges and especially to listen to those who almost never have a space in the traditional media.

A first version of our project explored how women who suffer sexual harassment in public transportation systems could have an active role in its development, so Poder Violeta was designed with participatory design methodologies during several workshops that defined every detail of the video game with the help of several feminist collectives, programmers, artists and researchers from the Universidad Javeriana.  This year we are developing a second version that incorporates new elements and expands the concept of Participation: we conducted new workshops with the feminist collectives Degénero and Polifonía, accompanied by the research center Despacio, dedicated to mobility issues in cities. As a result of these meetings, five interpretations of Violet were designed, each with a special power. Through a vote on this website, anyone can define which of these will be implemented, so that in a few months we will have a new version of Violet Power. This project won a call for Artistic Creation and Research of the Universidad Javeriana.