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Pirate Fishing interactive

Pirate Fishing interactive

Juliana Ruhfus / UK – Ivan Giordano / Italy

As far as we know Pirate Fishing is the first gamified, interactive, online investigation in the world! Set in Sierra Leone, the audience takes the role of a journalist and films South Korean trawlers fishing illegally in protected coastal areas stealing fish from local fishermen. By watching clips the user follows the journalistic process starting with the first sighting of the trawlers until their arrest. At the end of each clip he/ she sees what information has been collected for example destroyed nets, photos of ships with hidden names, and snapshots of crew members. By entering this information into the right sections of the notebook – differentiating between criminal evidence, notes and background – the user scores points and and advances in status from junior researcher to senior investigative journalist.

The project also contains several virtual environments where the player can decide how to proceed with the investigation and can try to convince officials to act!