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Presented by: Carlos Serrano / Carlos Villamizar

Thursday, May 27th 19:25 pm

PENUMBRA is an immersive audio-visual performance of the souls of the landscapes of the tatacoa desert. Exploring the field of its internal particles that emerge from memories, textures, colors and the admiration of analogical spaces in a digital way. 

PENUMBRA is based on the idea of how the outside world can be seen from inside a machine. The philosophy behind it is shaped by the synthesis of the souls of the spaces, living landscapes of the "valley of sorrows" the tatacoa desert. This audiovisual performance was created specifically to offer an experience of seeing how the lands come to life through a machine, floating around its dynamic data. PENUMBRA is designed to demonstrate an immersive journey into the souls of the landscapes, enter them to interact with their particles and admire the analog spaces digitally.